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job we do in the community. >> goodbye. but chair maxwell: welcome to lay and use. i am the chair, sophie maxwell, and i am joined by david chiu and later eric mar. madam clerk? clerk somera: please turn off all cell phones. chair maxwell: i believe we do not have other reports today. madam clerk, i number one. clerk somera: mission bay north, blocks n3-n3a. >> what you have before you is a project that is located within mission bay north. i will give you the image so you can see where that is. we're talking about public infrastructure for blocks n3 and n3a, and that includes the sidewalk as well. that is on king and berry and between fourth and fifth, and i will show you an example of the structure. the sidewalk on berry, from property line to property line, street trees, and street lights. the director of public works issued a notice determining that the project was completed and ready for acceptance and intended use. the department of planning has determined that it met the terms of the general plan, in the redevelopment agency determines the acceptance of the appurtenance and
have before us today is really the beginning of a conversation to find out the fate of cathedral hills, to find out if that will be the same type of engine for human betterment or whether it is displacement to be continued. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am also with the good neighbor coalition. we have been working with residents as well as community- based organizations in the tenderloin and central city, and we have been doing a lot of outreach and education about the van ness area plan, special with residents in our community, and we have found a lot of folks are wondering about the issues that have not been looked at and have basically been ignored, and the folks in our community are watching it very closely. we want to know that housing will be billed out of this play and. for the most part, folks are concerned about the increased number of jobs in the immediate area to the hospital and the impact on affordable housing in an already low-income neighborhood, where housing is already a distress situation. as well as the impacts that traffic will have on the neighborhood, which cou
by cigarettes. tobacco is the only product that will use -- that when used will kill a least half of the users, and on average, smoking takes 10 years away from your life. my father could have lived years longer if he had not smoke, and i think this is a measure that strongly protect public health, and i urge you for your support. thank you. president chiu, i forgot to think many groups and individuals who heads spin years helping to fight this for public health, including someone from the department of public health, dr. katz, and i also want to think many of the community organizations, including one with the lgbt groups, which has provided education for me and many activists and health advocates. i also want to thank a researcher and the many public health advocates that are in the crowd today, so, colleagues, please support this ordinance for a public health. thank you. president chiu: thank you. any additional discussion? if we could take a roll-call vote on this item. clerk calvillo: [reading roll] there are 7 ayes and 3 noes. president chiu: this item is passed on the first reading. ite
to the committee. please use the speaker cards in front of you to the rail on your left. supervisor chiu: please call item no. 1. >> item number one, hearing to review the city's provision and coordination of services to victims of crime, to: (1) what support and services do city departments currently provide crime victims?; (2) how do various departments that interface with crime victims coordinate their activities?; (3) what are the gaps in the system that need to address, and what coordination needs to occur?; and (4) how can victim services be best provided in a culturally competent manner? supervisor chiu: thank you. colleagues, this is an item i have asked for the committee to consider, along with supervisor maxwell, stemming from my experience as a criminal prosecutor years ago. highly publicized incidents in the southeast part of the city, my office worked with a number of crime victims and we heard many stories that pointed to shortcomings and gaps in how our city held to address crime victims'. i have asked a number of city apartments to meet with my office and through tha
available to us through technology, often police officers on every call for service handout resource information. but we never know whether or not the victims avail themselves to the services. that would be one idea i might have in which we could bring it together. as i can conclude, preventing a we-victimization is an essential function of a police officer. with that i will be more than happy to take any questions you might have. supervisor chiu: it is fair to say that many of the gaps, we often mount up with questions for the police department. anecdotally from any crime victims i hear the they do not reporting when crimes are committed. can you talk about knowing for sure that officers on the streets are providing the right information to folks? >> it is our policy, when we respond, we are required to provide resource information. i do not have independent knowledge to say that i incident -- certain areas we are or are not, but i know that we see it being done and i have witnessed it in the field. whether it is domestic violence or financial crimes, the officers are quick to reach
behind the times. using the internet, access has been expanded greatly. however, when it comes to official notices, the city continues to focus on a pre- internet model, where notices are in tiny print out the back of the newspapers and are standard. -- in the back of newspapers. the city process of publishing public notices. there is the public's ability it to find these notices on the website. we had advanced to something on to the ballot and passed. this means towards a two-year budget process, and also changes the definition of notice and published, to remove the requirement that notice is published in an additional newspaper. the definitions were to be defined by an ordinance. that never happened. what this does is define published as posting on the city government website, posting on the appropriate department to website in the main branch of the library, which does not disturb other requirements, it just the opposite. it actually adds to our obligation in noticing throw every aspect with meetings need to be noticed. -- needing to be noticed. vizquel quote-unquote officia
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)